Kiriki Press

Kiriki Press

A printmaking graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Michelle Galletta started Kiriki Press after she wanted to make her niece an embroidered doll but couldn't find a pattern anywhere.

Michelle couldn’t afford to buy her anything, but she hoped to make up for it with her time. She decided to learn how to embroider so she could make her a set of three owl dolls to play with. It was difficult to find contemporary embroidery patterns that weren’t overly simplistic, let alone embroidered doll patterns, so she ended up designing her own. As she was making Madeleine’s owls, she became fascinated with embroidery: the vibrant colors, the countless variety of stitches, the calming effect it had on her... 

...after several years of improving my embroidery skills - and a ton of design work - Kiriki Press was born. It was developed in the hopes of giving others the chance to make something precious with their own hands."

Kiriki Press was launched in December 2012 with seven patterns, and the collection has grown over the years and is currently expanding to include a range of other DIY products. Michelle was chosen as a Featured Seller on Etsy and has been a contributor for Mollie Makes books and magazine. The company has been featured in Uppercase, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Bust Magazine, Homespun, as well as many other print publications and craft blogs.

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