Glass Town USA is the natural outflow of "glass geek" enthusiasm. This is how it began: In between freelance jobs in art conservation, Laurie and Brook bought a kiln. It was meant to be a hobby. No money left, but they craved more glass. Beautiful shiny art glass! So many styles! Ripples, swirls of color, iridescent, DICHROIC!!! We were addicted. They ended up selling completed glass pieces to get more glass. Ahhh… all for the love of the glass.

And so it remains. Laurie and Brook buy glass in bulk. Hundreds of sheets, colors, and styles. We share this love, in the form of our gorgeous glass pieces, with the world, and simultaneously feed their passion. Of course, you will share their love and enthusiasm. The prices are fair, and people buy several at a time. The barrettes and jewelry sell well.

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