For a long time, Lauren Rizzo's family included a green and yellow parakeet (or budgie, as the Brits call them). Crazy little Clarence overflowed with tuneful exuberance just about every waking moment and tended to come a little bit unhinged when he got excited about something – exactly how Lauren feels every time she starts a new craft project.

Lauren has always loved hand stitching. The fabrics, the floss colors, the endless design possibilities – and the incredible cultural and historic significance of this timeless craft. She was always disappointed with the selection of ready-to-make kits available in craft stores, so she spent a lot of time and energy creating designs on her own. Lauren found herself thinking about all the people who would love embroidery and cross-stitch, if only they could find a kit that spoke to them. That was the beginning of Budgiegoods!

Way back in 2011, Lauren set out to create modern, simple needlework kits that would encourage people who had never stitched before to pick up a needle and floss and create something beautiful. Today, Budgiegoods offers a series of embroidery and cross stitch kits created in collaboration with two of her favorite artists, Lisa Congdon and Lori Roberts. Though their work is very different, both have a thoughtful style influenced by the natural world and their own unique perspectives.

Stitchers of all experience levels can find something to get excited about from Budgiegoods. These kits make my heart sing – and she thinks your customers will love them too!

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